About Me

Jim Maguire

I am a qualified and experienced Leadership Coach,  NLP Master Practitioner and Workplace Mediator.   I have extensive experience of leading diverse teams and providing interim management solutions.  I lead and manage in a way that develops the future leaders within those teams and improves workplace cultures.

I have spent my career working in Local Government and latterly in a range of  Senior Management positions which involved leading large and diverse teams with a focus on delivering high profile public services.

Trusting and listening to people in my teams in order that I create an environment where they are empowered has always been my aim.  In doing so I  have created a work force and teams that are often commended for their service delivery.  Individuals and teams are immensely resourceful if we believe and trust in them.  By doing so we create a culture of high engagement which in turn leads to high levels of performance delivery.

Empowered and trusted people do great things.

When I’m not coaching, I love my motorsport and in particular rallying. You will usually find me in a forest on a start or stop line either as Stage Commander or Stage Safety officer. I’m also a Motorsport UK Trainer. This allows me to share my passion for the sport and develop the volunteers of the future.

In his book, “Start with WHY”, Simon Sinek suggests we all have a why; “Why we get out of bed in a morning”, “your purpose, cause or belief.” For me it’s

"To help leaders to grow and enable people and businesses to thrive"

Get in touch to find out more about how I can help you find your WHY and become a better leader